Our Story

The story of COSMETIC PLANT began in 1991, in Cluj-Napoca, with the vision and passion of Mrs. Ileana Mester, who was at that time a pharmacist and researcher in the field of cosmetics recipes. Her dream was to help women enhance their natural beauty with the help of cosmetics of the highest quality but also affordable, with formulas based on the power of natural ingredients. 

Mrs. Ileana Mester knew very well how important skincare is and having a simple but effective, routine in preserving and emphasizing natural beauty, and this is the recipe behind every COSMETIC PLANT product for over 31 years – natural and effective.


Today, after 31 years of existence, we remain a brand dedicated to planting intelligence and scientific research, a brand that continues its mission to help women discover themselves in depth and enjoy their own individuality. Hence our slogan, “embrace your nature.”

The key factors of success and longevity that are, in our vision, perseverance, courage, creativity, but also respect and fairness, both to employees and to partners, are translated into the final result, that is, the quality of the products created by our own recipes and the happiness of our faithful clients, satisfied with the results they achieved.


The beginning has certainly been challenging. Mrs. Ileana Mester used to work alone in a 35–40 square meters building. The step towards a modern business was taken within 6 years, in 1997, when the company moved into a proper building and purchased professional equipment. 

In 2007 the building of a new and modern facility was completed – 750.000 euros for a building of 1.700 useful square meters in total compliance with European standards for manufacturing cosmetic products.

In 2014 we completed a project on renewing technology, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development. The project has raised our production capacity by up to 70%, resulting in a yearly output of approximately 2,5 million products. Technical innovation continued in 2015 with the acquisition of another two modern pieces of equipment – an automated line for filling tubes and a machine for filling sachets.


2004 was an important moment in the evolution of Cosmetic Plant: the company obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate from Dekra Stuttgart, signaling a decisive qualitative achievement for COSMETIC PLANT.

In December 2013, we obtained our GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) in compliance with the ISO Standard 22716:2007.


We are glad that after 31 years of effort, innovation, and research to enhance the intelligence of plants and turn it into amazing products, we received international recognition and awards at the most prestigious profile competitions in the world.

Between 2012 and 2022, COSMETIC PLANT climbed the podium at World Quality Selections, the most important international product quality competition in the world, organized by Monde Selection, where it won a total of 16 awards

We launched for the first time on the Romanian marketproducts with innovative ingredients, such as fat-soluble vitamin C Tetra, 4D hyaluronic acid, cannabidiol, Olea Vitae – award-winning ingredient, ozonated olive oil, biomimetic lipid complex OMEGA Plus or peony root extract. This year we have already launched a full range for young consumers from generation Z – the range GOOD Skin.

The story of COSMETIC PLANT goes on and will continue to write history from now on.