Obtaining the GMP certification: a new proof of the quality of Cosmetic Plant products

In December 2013 Cosmetic Plant obtained the GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification, according to ISO 22716:2007. This certification was conducted by DEKRA Certification, Germany, and is a guarantee that the Cosmetic Plant processes and finished products are controlled by appropriate procedures and quality standards.

The ISO 22716 standard forms the totality of quality-related instructions for the manufacture, production, equipment, packaging, shipping, and personnel. New European regulations for the production of cosmetics use the GMP certification as a stepstone, a pillar of high standards for consumer satisfaction. All cosmetic products in the European market will be manufactured according to these Good Manufacturing Practices.

“Having a high customer satisfaction rate has always been among the priorities of Cosmetic Plant. Thus, once obtaining the GMP certification, we re-certify the attention paid to the quality of our products. We chose to be examined by DEKRA Certification precisely for the credibility that this global leader in providing quality audits has. We hope this certification will strengthen the trust we have received over time from clients and business partners.” said Susan Laszlo, CEO Cosmetic Plant.

The concern for quality has always been the company’s core preoccupation, Cosmetic Plant thereby obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, for quality management, in 2004. Since 2012 the company has also received the environmental quality certification, ISO 14001.